Black Sheep



Fortune and fun at the Barnes and Barnum’s Looney Town Amusement Park!

Step right up for the amazing feats of magic! Look to the lovely ladies of the Wheel, the mysterious travelers both large and small, and the meddling miscreants of the midway!

Our intrepid heroes have been given a quest by the affable and illustrious Mr. Riled: come back with a suitable gift using your arts, or suffer the consequences. What might those be? Death? Expellment?! A tarnishment on the silver stars of servitude thrust upon them?!?

So we follow the tale of two fair folks, one quiet and broody, one grubby and irate, to the games of chance and skill. Here, they will try to purloin a treasure to bring back to the group. But hark, following a faulty attempt at rigging the game of darts, a new approach must be necessary.

They turn their sights on a game of strength. Using their wits and a bit of jiggling, they wait and see if they can get the whole thing to come crashing down. Before they can enact their daring plan, however, the crier comes out with news most foul: a gunman loose in the park! This new tragedy brings a wash of terror throughout the mild mannered carnival goers, but it won’t stop our heroes, no siree!


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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