Alphonse Almerich

Restless Vigilant



A lanky, mossy looking man. His face is soft and a bit feminine. He has fair skin, hazel eyes and tousled brown hair.
He is 5’ 11"
His clothes are usually quite feminine and he prefers them to be dark coloured.
He often wears a silver earring in one ear, and wears a silver ring on his right middle finger.
He keeps distance from you.


White, shoulder-length hair is pulled back to reveal a bony, cheerful face. Dancing hazel eyes, set elegantly within their sockets, watch guardedly over something absent from the picture.

Soft skin gorgeously compliments his nose and mouth and leaves a heartbreaking memory of a past often ignored.

The is the face of Alphonse Almerich, a true stargazer.

There’s something incomprehensible about him, and focussing on his elegant robes for prolonged period of time proves impossible.

His aura is violet and aquamarine, but a harsh black cloud seems to follow and shroud him.


Mr. Almerich recently moved in to Newton. He lives alone, and is standoffish.

Alphonse Almerich

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