Demona de la Morta

A Vixen of Circumstance


To Mortal Eyes

At first glance, she would seem like the kind of girl who never worked a day in her life. She’s a five foot nine hourglass with well-kept skin and perfectly manicured nails. Her soft features may give the impression of innocence, but her sharp eyes (the left green, the right blue) break the illusion. Upon closer inspections she has several small scars in various locations and calluses on her hands, that is, if one can look past the plethora of jewels that always manage to look more and more expensive each day. For regular days she tends to wear Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein black or grey pencil skirts and jackets, her horn rimmed glasses, and her hair in a bun.

To Changeling Eyes

When all of the sweet and soft melts away from her features, you’re left with the sharp edges and fiery eyes that look as if ready to burn. She looks less like someone you can talk to and looks to have more of the ‘kill you where you stand’ high and mighty stare down. While she manages to retain the same smooth complexion, she becomes paler and, is it just you, or does it look like she’s lost a few pounds? Are her cheek bones protruding and are her eye sockets darker? Hard to tell, because those green and blue eyes have managed to become inhumanly bright and they’re making her look pissed from every angle. When she’s not at work, she always seems to be wearing high slit dresses that always look perfectly fitted to her, and they probably are.


It is no secret that Madam de la Morta grew up in a great deal of wealth, but she is a self-made woman who managed to pick herself up and make the best out of some crummy circumstances. She is very open about her past as being an escort and has no qualms about promoting her call girl business because, the way she sees it, she’s helping out strong women by teaching them how to be safe and successful while they’re still figuring out what else they can do. But that’s just business.
Truth is, nobody really knows what she does in her spare time and, frankly, she likes to keep it that way because it’s nobody’s damn business what she’s up to at any given time. She always manages to be surrounded by beautiful people and she always seems to be busy, but good luck finding anything else out: she’s certainly not very open with the group, friendly enough, but vaguely condescending and really isn’t going to take anybody’s shit. But all of this is meant in the most respectful way, please understand.

Demona de la Morta

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