Gabrielle Rowan

The Morning Star


A slight girl with unnatural grace. Her skin and hair are perfect, no expression foolish, eyes clear and arresting. She draws gazes like moths to flame. She seems to be described only by poetry and to touch her would risk breaking a glass statue. Still she shares her butterfly smile with any who would catch her eye. She is otherworldly.

Her radiance shines coldly, but invitingly. The stark white of her skin against the jet blue/black of her hair nearly hurts the eye, but to look away would be twice as painful. Her eyes are the turquoise of ocean water and her countenance fierce. She stands taller and more majestic than her mortal form with delicate pointed ears. Her silk clothing seems to flow around her, rather than contain her statuesque body.


Gabrielle Rowan is a Theater Major at St. Vincent’s University. She is a recent graduate who volunteers her time at the Crown Theater. She moved here from California and has done extensive work in a variety of shows since her arrival.

Gabrielle Rowan

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