Jackson Bentley

King of the Cardboard Castle


Strapping would be too much but gaunt would be doing a disservice, he shows a that he has been fed though not nearly as much as much as any would have liked. His caramel skin does have the marks of wear and tear of living outside but not in a manner that one would assume of a scraper on the streets. The hair is curly and unruly while the eyes show good mind underneath and one who finds the joy in life if possible. His shoes are tattered and the gloves worn are not much better, clearly going for whatever could be found that would protect and warm. Clothing has not been a high priority and the t-shirt and jeans that he wears have seen better days, that is, if you could see them. Traditionally seen in a long trench that is thick with plenty of pockets that seems to be better taken care of and likely warm at night along with a newboy’s hat that clearly holds a place of closes.

Any wear of the streets have disappeared off the face and skin and the hair has been reigned in to show some civility, along with a more honorable appearance. Even the eyes have a new element of confidence, a resolve that the good in the world is something to be believed in and promoted. The tattered nature of his under clothing has given way to a clean tunic of charcoal accompanied by appropriate slacks. Similarly the quality of his trench has appreciated to a leather-like material which is much stronger than the mortal appearance. The shoes have transformed in a traveler’s boots and the gloves a fine, thick material that has some extra padding on the fist’s edge. The only difference stands that the hat seems to not have changed much, except that it is more commonly found within the trenches pockets.

He is commonly accompanied (or followed) by a raven, who has a quick wit but is rare to use it. If you can get him to converse you are more likely to be challenged to a game of chance than to actually take part in a fruitful conversation. But then again with every game of chance there is a reward if once is willing to risk for it.


Jovial would be overstepping the bounds a bit but the young lad Jackson does seem to have some appreciation for living. The pomp and circumstance of his Kithain brothers is not lost on the boy but he does goes about it in his own way. Having traveled a bit and after being on the street for a bit longer there is an experience aire present around one that is so young. He is a relative newcomer to St. Vincent’s streets, so his knowledge is dependent on other mortal street children who have taken a liking to the older boy.
An individual who would rather come to words than fists, Jackson has a knack for talking himself out of hostile situations. Along with convincing some good hearted people to part with some food occasionally. The local cops know him but begrudging let him survive as he has yet to cause any real trouble and more often than no prevents it in his own fashion.
It would not be uncommon to see him strolling down the streets in open fashion as he has no reason to hide how he lives. More often than not he will even have a small posse of children around him who either like the street prowler or are of a similar station. It’s these youth that he helps in the city by finding food and cloth wherever possible and it was during one of these hunts he was found by Oscar himself albeit in a less than ideal manner.

Jackson Bentley

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