Leelie Rachet

Cuck, this could have been so much better if they’d just put in a fracking moment’s thought!


I’m 17 years old, wiry, and tall. My cheeks always seem to have a flecking flush, like I’ve been running in the cold, but I assure you I have not. My hair is dyed a grey-ish purple. I live in a stinking dorm room on campus, where I’m a first-year engineering student. I tend to wear men’s jeans and old tee-shirts from resale shops, and they virtually always have grime on ‘em, so deal with it.


My roommate is so flushuggeda irritating I may need my own Basilisk Stone to get through this year.

You wanna know more about me? Ask. You’ll know if you’ve crossed a line.

Leelie Rachet

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