Black Sheep

At Summer's End
(between Sessions One and Two)

After the first “Book Club” meeting, time seems to pass by quickly. Two hours every Tuesday and Thursday night. Six hours every Sunday afternoon. The schedule is rigorous, and the class is a little bit unorthodox. Oscar enjoys a more relax setting, and often pours drinks and gathers the group together at the Slip around the bar, a cluster of booths, the balcony…where ever he seems to feel the setting is most fitting on a particular day. Because of the nature of the groups small size, Oscar often attempts to make class more of a conversation than a lecture. He’s not always successful, but talks enough that he distracts from the awkward silences the group seems to attend to each other for the most part. You’ve heard him tell Kitty several times after class that ‘they’ll warm up to each other soon enough, when they’re ready’. After the first few sessions, a woman begins appearing frequently during class. Oscar introduces her as ‘Nia’, or “Auntie” as she prefers to be called. She’s and older woman, with flashes of silver wrapped in her thick, dark braids. She wears colorful wraps in exotic patters, and black tattoos the wrap around her fingers like rings. She usually says nothing while Oscar teaches, but smiles and serves tea during Book Club, fetching cups as soon as you finish one, and peeking in on it’s contents. Oscar says that Nia will help the class prepare for their first field trip, but never really says how.

· During the first week Oscar announces that, due to the clear presence of dangerously unhealthy skepticism, his first educational priority is ‘existential fundamentals’. During this week, Oscar goes more in depth into what changelings essentially are, and their dual natures in society. He explains that, most humans are blind by banality, and thus cannot see the fantastically as you do. Mostly frustrated by some of the questions the have arisen in conversation- Oscar spends a fair amount of time lecturing about the danger of banality and it’s poisonous quality. You learn that imagined creatures and objects are known as ‘chimera’, and were at some point or another dreamed up into existence where they sometimes linger, or fade into non-existence. He talks about the dreaming only briefly, in that it is in the homeland and he’ll get back to it next month. He also talks about something he calls ‘the Chrysalis’, and states that this is the formal terminology for discovering your changeling nature. According to tradition, once a changeling awakens, they are fostered into the local changeling community and eventually leads to ‘Saining’, or your formal introduction to the court by being named. Sunday’s class ends with an overview of The Escheat (the laws)
Dreamblood Chapters of Note:
Chapter One- Kithain Culture and the Nature of Feyfolk
The Escheat
Kithain Vocabulary

During the second week, Oscar talks very briefly about court politics. Changeling society, he explains, in based off of medieval principles and has continued on this way for many years. He gives a brief synopsis of changeling history, specifically the Shattering and its importance. St. Vincent, apparently, is under the rule of Dutchess Lisette. Oscar for the most part, is extremely factual about this, and talks very little of poltics, besides glossing over different philosophies of various courts. You discuss freeholds (safe havens to your kind) and are told there are three in the city, which Oscar ensures you will visit in good time: The Freudian Slip, The Moonstone Manor, and Moth’s Den. Lastly, Oscar discusses kith and their common identifiable traits, much to Kitty’s chagrin. It is explained that Almer is an Eshu, like Nia. M is a Sluagh. Leelie, a Nocker. And finally, and most interestingly, Jackson and Gabrielle are of the noble sidhe bloodline. Kitty seems thoroughly amused by this. It is on this last day, that a new student arrives: another sidhe by the name of Demona de la Morte. She receives Oscar’s last book.
Dreamblood Entries of Note:
Chapter One- Kithain Culture and the Nature of Feyfolk
History of Concordia
A Bumpkin’s Guide to the Court System
Characters: Demona de la Morte

This last week, Oscar has focused entirely on Arts (changeling magic) and practical applications of glamour. Classes this week have discussed how to collect glamour to fuel your magic, and the basic principles of casting. Specifically, the importance of finding a ‘bunk’ that fits your cantrip. It seems that Nia has spent the past few weeks trying to figure out where exactly your talents lie, and Oscar has tasked you with practicing when you are out of class to prepare. It’s the last week of August, and your first ‘Field Trip’ is scheduled for Saturday. Oscar hasn’t mentioned where you’re going, but has said that the first test will explore your knowledge of your new found powers.
Dreamblood Entries of Note:
Chapter Six- Mechanical Processes
Whitewolf Wordings
Studies in the Arts


Dear Jackson,

There is so much that I want to share with you. Why I am in this city, why life and limb were upheaved and upended to scrape and scrap the way to this strange, ethereal city. Why your very name is to me, like a whisper from a far off land. You may be the primary reason I press on through this awoken life, striving to provide you with a stable life. There are so many things that must be done, now that this city has become home. So many paths to be explored, and comforts to be found. I saw Oscar’s offer as an opportunity to start building those paths. I was not entirely ready for the environment that was lain before me when I arrived. I needed to have a drink. I know. Not the best way to start or make a first impression. But, it is difficult. There were others there, others who have found their way into our lives. But I cared little for them all. I was on edge, very much so, the entire time. When Oscar spoke your name, I felt close to a panic attack, but I held it together. There is strength and safety to be sought through this place, and time should be allowed to discover it. At least, for the time being. I’m rambling now. I just wanted you to know a little about who your father was.

Alphonse Almerich

I stare at the words placed upon the page. It feels right to have it in pen. I stand, with my letter, grab my bag, and step out into the cool night air. My eyes spot my target immediately, and I move cautiously forward, like syrup spilled across a table. But by the time I reach my destination, my confidence if back where it lives. I take one last look at the letter, shred it, and toss it in to the trash. I’m sorry, Jackson. Not yet.

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