Tag: Sidhe


  • Jackson Bentley

    Jovial would be overstepping the bounds a bit but the young lad Jackson does seem to have some appreciation for living. The pomp and circumstance of his Kithain brothers is not lost on the boy but he does goes about it in his own way. Having traveled …

  • Demona de la Morta

    It is no secret that Madam de la Morta grew up in a great deal of wealth, but she is a self-made woman who managed to pick herself up and make the best out of some crummy circumstances. She is very open about her past as being an escort and has no qualms …

  • Gabrielle Rowan

    Gabrielle Rowan is a Theater Major at St. Vincent's University. She is a recent graduate who volunteers her time at the Crown Theater. She moved here from California and has done extensive work in a variety of shows since her arrival.