Kithain Culture and the Nature of Feyfolk

Changeling society, much like mortal society, is full of odd little customs and social nuances; many of which stem from old medieval practices that are ever popular in fables and fairy tales. While centuries have past since the days when suitors played their lutes beneath maiden’s windows and jesters juggled for the amusement of the monarchy, tradition still thrives within the Changeling community ,mixed with modern flare and even bits and pieces of classic circus culture. But fret not, young scholar! You too can learn to navigate society with ease with a bit of practice and tutoring! In this chapter, you’ll find basic glossaries and notes to assist you in navigating your new changeling lifestyle.

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(ADDITIONAL READING: The Changeling: The Dreaming Core Book is a fantastic resource on fae history and culture! )

Kithain Vocabulary
A Brief Glossary of Common Terms, Slang, and Formal Speech

The Four Paths to Epiphany
Methods of Drawing Glamour from Dreamers

The Escheat
The Universal Laws of Changeling Society

A Bumpkin’s Guide to the Court System
A Simple Breakdown of Who’s Who and Other Useful Items

History of Concordia
The Rise and Fall of the Fae

Kithain Culture and the Nature of Feyfolk

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