Mechanical Processes

While life is a beautiful, ethereal, and mysterious experience, there are universal bits and pieces that hold it together. This chapter works as a guide to our more tangible, practical universe, and describes the little molecules that support our story.These rules are the steps that come together to bring clarity to the manic dance of Changeling: The Dreaming!
Ah! You thought I was UNAWARE of your 4th wall leanings? Oh you delightful creature, I knew this whole time. Who else would have such pauses, and titter away about dice pools and difficulties? A normal, sane person? I think not!

Your Dice And You
How to roll, when to roll, and the meaning behind numbers

Managing Your Tempers
The Logic Behind Banality, Glamour, and Willpower

Studies in the Arts
Fey Magic and How to Use it

So you want to Start a Fight
A Gentleman’s Guide to Combat

Kithain First Aid
A Crash Course in Your Health

Applying your Experience
Costs and Spending XP

Whitewolf Wordings
A Glossary for Understanding Terms

Mechanical Processes

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