Changeling: The Dreaming

I’ve always thought the great unifying factor of mankind is how utterly alone we are.

It was like that before, wasn’t it? Before we opened our eyes wide and saw the true depths of the dreaming for the very first time; sitting on the swing set alone after the final bell rang or home in the corner behind the closet doors. The impenetrable melancholy. Were we just puzzle pieces that some distract-able maker simply failed to notice they had placed in the wrong box? Were we just alone on our own personal island of daydreams while everyone else got to frolic by the bay? Here you are. Fantastical beyond the comprehension of mortal man…and so painfully out of your element.

There had always been something a little off about you, didn’t you think? Playing pretend longer than the other children (and even longer now). Believing in things that no one else remembered to believe in anymore…and then one day everything just snapped into place. The clock struck twelve, and we woke up changed. Different times. Different places. We were the fortunate ones.

And if we were really lucky…we’d die awake too.-

Sheep will Join the Flock.
Wolves will be slaughtered.

Black Sheep