Black Sheep

Session Five


The sounds of combat still reign, the enemy were not the strongest or smartest but its elusiveness makes it something to be cautioned. But as fast as it all started with Almer and I lunging it was over… with a lucky shot none the less. One enemy lying dead at our feet while another waits at mine, very much afraid of what I may come next. But worry not, my compatriots and I knew mercy, and respect for fallen foes shows who are the true warriors and gentleman. I mean after all, if you can make a friend from a foe your life may only get better. How do you make a foe of a friend you ask? Why make sure it’s not gonna die from combat first off, hard to make friends with dead things after all. Then you remove it from the field of battle as that is no way to hold a friend. Take it to somewhere safe and warm and have it learn that you are to be trusted for its survival. Of course, everyone may not agree with that course of action. After all, saving ones foe is hard to stomach for the victors if something was lost. But luckily calmer voices will prevail and then the process of friendship can continue. Trust may be slow to come from the others of course but in time, with care you can find a new friend where it would not be expected. Of course my friends, the victors don’t just walk away with just the honor and the spoils. There is some heaviness that can leave a field of battle with you, remorse for something that was done to win. That does not ever really leave you, it also depends on what he had to do.

But no matter you take away remember friends, remember to keep looking forward and watch yourself, because you never know what battle may be around the corner…


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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