Black Sheep



SHEEP WILL JOIN THE FLOCK. WOLVES WILL BE SLAUGHTERED,” scrawled across the back wall of the stage. Our cast of characters begins to move forward hesitatingly, nervous for their safety after the collapse of the chandelier that has injured two of their number. In the wings, they squeeze through a variety of set pieces and props, and Kitty leads them to a trap door, hidden in the shadows. As they slowly descend, each of the characters realizes in their own time what they are headed toward; the heart of the freehold, the Balefire. Located in a beautiful, artistic furnace, the flame is low, and seems to have little time left. It is quickly decided that the only course of action is to approach the Duchess and appeal for her aid. Minus the lovely, but delicate Demona, they brave the sewers below the Freudian Slip, headed for their nobility, sure to make a sparkling impression in post-sewer-filth-chic.
On the way, conversation turns to the symbol left with the message, the ubiquitous male, or mars symbol, as well as what they can expect from their first visit to the Court. After just a few too many moments spent in the squalor, they emerge into a well-lit, older residential neighborhood, clearly built with money to spare. M, in particular, seems uncomfortable.
They follow Skuld to a Victorian-style manor hidden behind a hedge and a gate with no keyhole. A drop of blood from her thumb opens the lock, and they are greeted by a sluagh by the name of Hemlocke. He lets them in, and they meet Duchess Lisette, a woman whose beauty they can only grasp in bits and pieces. She makes her way through them, hinting at familiarity with each flashing change of color in her eyes. Only minutes pass before they reveal to her the reason they’ve come; Oscar’s murder. They share what they’ve seen and learned; Kitty with Oscar’s horn, the message and the alchemical symbol for iron, the missing textbook and papers, the fact that the perpetrator seems to have been to The Slip before, and the dying balefire.
Duchess Lisette tells them of a rumor she’s heard of a shape-shifting killer who’s been destroying freeholds and kith. She mentions the Dautain. And she makes a surprising suggestion; that this group of young kithain, infants, really, could band together to fight for the freehold, and for the safety of them all. They were given a fairly stark choice; take up the quest or leave the domain. While at first several reacted with fear and disbelief, they soon came to realize that this was too important to walk away. After a swift reminder of their Duchess’ power is lain upon Gabrielle our hopeful heroes sally forth to investigate, and perhaps to do battle.


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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