Black Sheep



Dear Diary,

It has actually, literally been the worst day ever. I know I’ve said that before, but this time I’m not dicking around.

Two people have died. My friend and my mentor. I never thought we’d be involved in something so huge, but here we are. They were murdered and we mean to find the killer. But I don’t really know how or what we will do when we find them. This is the most serious thing that’s ever happened to me.

I met the Queen or whatever of this city. She is a Sidhe like me. I suddenly realize why everyone seems to have a bad disposition toward us. I DARED to ask a question and she totally blew up in my face. She wanted to do some binding oath thing with us and I wasn’t too cool with that. Guess that’s not allowed. She cursed me. Now I can’t go in the Freeholds anymore. I hope I’ll still be able to help the others. Apparently she didn’t let them do the oath thing either. I really miss Oscar. He was so good at explaining everything. Now the only person we know who knows about this stuff is both a pookah and in severe mental distress. Not much chance of getting any info out of her.

Anyway, Leelie and I went out to find Oscar’s…mortal shell?

Okay, I take back what I told you about the Nocker last time. She’s actually pretty cool. Just rough around the edges. We found him all right. It was so creepy. I don’t want to talk about it.

I have no idea how we are going to solve this. I think it might be a good idea to call Quincy. I think I’ll do that tomorrow.

For now, Leelie, Jackson, and I are sitting around waiting. Almer is supposed to meet up with us soon. I’m really worried about he and M.

By the way, Mr. Darcy is doing okay. He made a big mess but I just need to start feeding him better stuff. Man, pet ownership is hard. I really wish I could talk to Reagan about this. But I don’t think I can just pretend that this one is just a story I’m writing. And I’m pretty sure Alistair’s gonna kill me if I don’t show up for work soon.

This is all so impossible. If I die and someone finds me, my only regret is never having a real friend who could understand me, and I them. I hope I can find that before some magical thing destroys my soul. Good night


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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