Black Sheep



Battle can be raged on many fronts and those of words can be some of the most fearsome if in the right, or wrong, situation. And just because blood is not spilt does not mean that there are not loses to be taken into account. This is another tale of what my mates had to go through such a fight. One of our number was lost, at least to the consideration of those better than us all, and that would hurt us as we began out true quest. Though, those who have fallen from grace from grace have not fallen from use or companions especially when one is almost a family. We first needed to heal whatever wounds that need to be and circle the wagons to find where the allies and companions actually lie. We made light of the falling out, at least as best that we could, letting the abandoned know they have friends and allies and would be continued to be counted as such. Then… we planned. And the plan was to find who put us in this mess in the first place. Se we divide and conquer, and the fair party members let in search of the information so far lost to us, while the quietest member and I went back to the origin of it all? Even though the time with these people has been so long I still know so little about them. You see my friends, the quiet ones have always been mystery in my time among you and the new band has been no different. This quiet one has a view of our quest as one that concerned me. He is thriving in the hunt and anticipating the finish, almost as an animal would view and upcoming meal of it all. He to the sort of quiet to respected, but a bit of fear and caution would also do some good. Eventually we make our destination, on edge because the hunters (or hunted) may still be present. Caution in such situations was key, but once inside some amount of normalcy was taken but the quest took away from relaxing and clues needed to be found. While the quiet hunter searches for leads with someone better at finding such I fall to support of the distraught. As I began with, words have power and it does not have to be pain or blood that they cause healing may be possible. If someone wants to take it words or the actions that can go with can give a little light in the darkness that is surrounding them. And sometime in the kindness, little bits of missing information can reach the light of day. And in every mystery, you never know what clue could make or break the case… but there are always those who will doubt you. And you will have to stand up to them in order to reach the goal.


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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