Black Sheep



All together again…
After a night like we had its not surprising that we were all tired, it would come natural for any normal individual on a normal late night to be exhausted. It should not have surprised anyone that we all went our separate ways to retreat and think through what has gone one. Two of our close friends now have fallen to an otherwise unseen hunter and all correlation indicate that any of the rest of us could be at similar risk. So our separation may not have been wise for our safety but it was necessary to try a preserve what little sanity could be salvaged from the whole ordeal. The stronger, in strength only, went to prowl in their confidence perhaps to try to hunt the hunter and reap swift justices for those dearly fallen. Others retreat to the company of those who know in the hopes of remembrance as well as safety in numbers, if such a thing was possible.
After the period of rest though, the first night of many, has passed and no new friends join the fallen so some short term relaxation can be achieved. New lessons about the band could be learned, and perhaps some dark secrets exhumed if the cards are right. For a bit of dark realities among birds of a feather may strengthen and solidify the bond that must be created. But just as the dark night had to pass the period of relief must come to an end as well and the harsh realities of the situation comes to light.
But the hunters return and the minds come together to make their next move to make sure the first night in their new dark world will be one of the last… right after breakfast of course.


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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