Black Sheep



An ongoing murder investigation.

As the vassals of the Duchess try to piece together the details of this heinous crime, a new set of eyes attempts to pore over the facts.

They may be hampered by a lack of experience, but they sure make up for it in gumption! Though their plees come of as overenthusiastic, could these new faces be the ones to find our killer? Time will surely tell.

Watch as Basset, the neighborhood detective, plies his craft at the crime scene. He’s got the body of a heavy reader, but the heart of a loyal hound dog. Look at him go! After those clues, Basset!

But it seems our intrepid young wannabe heroes have wandered off, each in their own direction. They’ll have to work together or die alone. Can they pull together with the older crowd, or is the city doomed?! Find out next time, on BLACK SHEEP!


The_Ethereal_Maiden The_Ethereal_Maiden

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